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Determining How Many Paged You Have in Your Files

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Calculating the number of pages that need to scanned can be easily estimated by knowing two variables.  By measuring the number of inches of paper,  you then factor in out the number of pages you have per inch.  Knowing both of these variable,  simply multiply these numbers, the product of these two variables will be a good estimate as to how many pages you have to be scanned.

Determine how many pages per inch you have in your box of documents and average this our by doing the same with a few other boxes of files that you have.   Average these numbers out to get your typical pages per foot and then measure the total number feet you have of the boxes that contain your files.                  

                 The table below displays the typical number of pages per box type

There are about 220 pages per inch of paper and approximately 175-250 pages per inch in a tightly packaged box

Why Professionals are converting to digital Files

Legal/Letter Box:                            2,000 - 2,500 pages

Long Bankers/Transfer File Box:   4,500 - 5,000 pages

Vertical File Drawer 18”:                 3,000 - 3,600 pages

Vertical File Drawer 24”:                 4,500 - 5,000 pages

Lateral File Drawer 36”:                  7,000 - 7,500 pages

Lateral File Drawer 48”:                  9,000 - 9,600 pages

Organize your existing files to real possibilities...

Find any file or keyword with searchable documents...

FACT: Office Professionals are achieving a quick and measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

"How?" you might ask…

A global consulting firm recently concluded a five year international performance cost study, which found that personnel spend up to 4 hours a day looking for information! When critical information is trapped in files and on paper productivity, performance and profits are dramatically affected, impairing an organization’s ability to achieve its full potential.

Document Management Cost Analysis Benefits

  1. Gain a clear understanding of the cost of paper  management

  1. Define the productivity impact of:

  1.   Searching for Retrieving & Returning Documents

  1.   Reviewing, Indexing & Storing Documents

  1.   Searching for Lost Documents

  1.   Time Spent Copying

  1. Discover the hidden cost of:

  1.   Duplicate Copies of Documents

  1.   Usable Space Taken by File Cabinets

  1.   Off-Site Storage Fees

  1.   Annual File System Expenses

Ask about DSC Document Management System

Scan on demand provides instant access to your offsite files.


Some companies may prefer to maintain document storage in paper form but will still require access to those stored documents from time to time.


Whether you are using DSC Document Management System for your archive storage or you have your own storage arrangements our scan on demand service is a must have priority scanning service which provides immediate scanning and conversion for those important documents.


Documents are scanned and made immediately available via our secure online servers. This flexible service takes away concerns and inconvenience of having paper documents in storage. This can also be beneficial for companies with multiple locations that have more than one employee who needs access to the same information.

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