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Document Scan Canada

DSC can manage and accommodate a wide variety of undertakings such as medical charts and blueprint engineering projects. The services offered by DSC can be arranged to be on and off-site.  We support organizations

Why Scan Documents


that face critical document management challenges to become more efficient or even become as much of a paperless office as possible.  DSC can benefit business and industries such as medical offices and clinics, municipal engineering departments, accounting, legal and insurance offices. DSC can be an asset to any office buried in paper documents through the services offered by DSC.

Services Offered


With office space at a premium, document scanning offers a multitude of benefits for industry and business. Your newly digitized documents will empower you to:

  1. Free up premium office space

  2. Track and organize files

  3. Have better image quality

  4. Maintain a better audit trail

  5. File share in-house, clients and employees

By choosing formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, you will immediately recognize enhanced company productivity. By enabling our optional OCR digitizing, it  also allows users to search for important keywords making document scanning invaluable.

Our services will help you meet your goals in reducing paper while making your organization and office an efficient and cost effective workplace.  From complex to basic services, DSC will provide:

  1. Document scanning

  2. Forms and surveys scanning

  3. Blueprint scanning

  4. OCR services

  5. Scanning to make your documents Searchable

From engineering drawings, books to medical and legal documents, DSC can digitally reproduce your hard copy files that are important to your organization.


Scan on demand provides instant access to your offsite files.


Some companies may prefer to maintain document storage in paper form but will still require access to those stored documents from time to time.


Whether you are using DSC Document Management System for your archive storage or you have your own storage arrangements our scan on demand service is a must have priority scanning service which provides immediate scanning and conversion for those important documents.


Documents are scanned and made immediately available via our secure online servers. This flexible service takes away concerns and inconvenience of having paper documents in storage.

This can also be beneficial for companies with multiple locations that have more than one employee who needs access to the same information.

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