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Many work places are filled with documents, files and filing drawers that are in a disarray.  Having such an environment can make for a counter productive and labour intensive office.  You may not even realize it but you are probably wasting countless hours searching and organizing files.  If any of this is familiar to you, then DSC can reorganize and bring efficiency back to your workplace.   Scanning and digitizing your documents and files will solve these issues for you and having an organized digital storage solution will simplify day to day operations.    Where some scanning bureas use simple desktop scanners, DSC uses high volume document production scanners.  This translates into cleaner and enhanced images. With quality orientated service; we take pride in the quality of work and solutions we provide our customers.


Document Scanning Quality

All images are monitored and checked individually page by page for clarity. Our production scanners have the capabilities to automatically adjust their settings for every individual page which is how we achieve such detailed and clean images.


Document Scanning Pricing


Pricing starts from $0.10 per page.  Customers who have switched to using DSC for their document scanning needs typically find improved image quality and lower costs.


What types of documents do we scan?


We scan everything. Our document scanning production systems can handle paper of all sizes and conditions from companies throughout Canada and the USA. No project is too small ($100 min. charge) or too large. Some examples of the types of documents we receive include:

  1. General Office Documents

  2. Medical Records

  3. Legal Documents

  4. Accounting Documents

  5. Invoices, Purchase Orders

  6. Blueprints

  7. Industrial parts lists, manuals

  8. Statements

  9. Surveys

  10. Questionnaires

  11. Coupons

  12. Cheques

  13. Receipts

  14. Newspapers & Book Archiving

  15. Photographs

To find out more about our document scanning services we provide please contact us

The Scanning Process


Collection Service

Utilizing a secure pick-up service, we can collect files from anywhere in Canada or the next day. We can also supply our secure A3 size boxes, which can hold bundles, folders, hanging files etc.

Removal of Staples and Paperclips

Prior to scanning, we go through the files and remove any staples, paperclips, treasury tags etc. This ensures a smooth and accurate scanning process takes place.

Scanning Process

We only use the best scanners equipped with ultra-sonic, double feed detection, automated colour detection and image processing tools. We scan to your preferred format such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG etc. We scan paper as small as a till receipt up to A3 as well as large format drawings and plans in full colour or black and white.   

OCR Processing

We also offer OCR processing to convert your documents to fully text-searchable PDFs or into a database. This can be very beneficial when it comes to searching for particular files as your files will be completely searchable by text.

Indexing and Categorization

Once scanned we can then index each document by your preferred choice, for example, Title, Name, Address, Reference number, date etc.

Storage Mediums

The scanned data is normally supplied on CD, DVD or USB. When supplying confidential data, we normally encrypt the entire collection using 128-Bit encryption.  We can also upload files to a secure FTP server for client access.

Secure Shredding

Once you have approved the disks, your papers can either be returned to you, securely disposed of via environmentally friendly document shredding or we can store these for a further required period.


Fast Access

Document imaging and digital management   enables you to access documents quickly over a local network or via online hosting.        

Access from anywhere

Whether you're in the office using your shared network, or out using online hosting, you'll be able to access files.

Cost effective

Document scanning has proven time and time again, to be highly cost effective with prices from pennies per sheet.

Saves Money

Improvements in efficiency and less ink and paper costs create a more economical office saving considerable money.

Improves productivity and efficiency

Because files are easier to find, access and use, efficiency rises and productivity improves significantly. 

Boosts staff morale

Staff with expanding workloads will feel better with a simpler system that allows them to get more done in less time.

Gives back much needed space

Upon completion and approval, the documents can be recycled, leaving you with some much needed space.


Managing documents digitally makes your office more modern and future-proof.

Environmentally conscious

Reduced use of paper and harmful printer inks helps the environment and bolsters your green credentials.

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